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Noncredit Courses. While the programs listed below are specially designed for our 50 and older population, don’t miss out on AACC’s many noncredit personal enrichment offerings for anyone 16 and older. Many of these courses are offered tuition-free to seniors, age 60 and older, if you register by the first day of class. Then came other classes in math, chemistry and physics, all building on the biology degree he earned in 1972 but never put to use. He's now paying for credited courses at his local community college to become a medical laboratory technician and, at 62, is eager to get back into the workforce.Author: Bill Hogan.

Golden Slipper Gems enriches the lives of older adults through personally-delivered programs and services that enhance wellbeing, inspire engagement and foster community. What's Happening Golden Slipper Gems is going to Broadway! education and enrichment programs are Gateway Seniors Without Walls and the Penobscot Valley Senior College. Together, these programs engage hundreds of older adults in the greater Bangor area. Gateway Seniors Without Walls aims to improve quality of life for older .

Sep 29, 2017 · NEVER STOP LEARNING. Accredited schools from all over the world, including Ivy League schools, offer curricula and certificates for completing relatively short online courses, lasting about four weeks. These massive open online courses, or MOOCs, appeal to a variety of age groups. Retirees, though, are in an ideal situation to take full advantage.Author: Emily Lugg. Top Ten Elements of a Comprehensive Life Enrichment Program. An activity associate is responsible for creating a culture through effective programming opportunities. They have to act as counselors, spiritual guides, teachers, mentors, fitness gurus, and experts on pop culture and current events.

Programs & Courses. AACC offers senior adult courses at a reduced price in partnership with area senior centers, and for senior only courses at AACC. Designed to improve skills, sharpen your mind and enhance your quality of life, courses include computer technology, history and healthy living and more. College for Older Adults. Enrichment courses ranging from computer applications to history, finance, language, and wellness are offered in six week terms – Fall, Winter, Spring. Classes are scheduled mornings and afternoons with lunch sandwiched in between. Volunteer instructors prepare and teach the courses. The basic fee is $40 per term.

Senior Enrichment Program Designed for older individuals with developmental disabilities who can no longer work or those who have limited or no interest in doing so, Senior Enrichment offers therapeutic programs for senior citizens who can no longer work or those .