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On the other hand, since latex paint is water based, it can become watery over time. If you wish to thicken latex paint because it has become watery, or you just need a thicker coat of paint to cover prior colors or wall damage, latex paint can easily be thickened with hydroxyethyl cellulose. Aug 31, 2017 · Exposing latex paint to the air lets the water evaporate, and the paint become thicker. Open the can of paint in a well-ventilated area and stir the paint thoroughly. Check it every hour, stirring it again each time, until it reaches the consistency you want. Do not allow the paint to over-dry.

May 31, 2011 · How to Thicken Paint. Paint comes in different viscosities depending on the type of paint or mixing technique used. Sometimes you need the paint to be thicker than it is when you open it. You may need thicker paint to cover a darker color 50%(2). Jan 23, 2013 · Can You Use Old Paint? Here are some quick tips to determine if your old paint is or isn’t usable. *Old cans of paint which have been stored properly can usually be used. (Stored in a cool dry place and tightly secured with no extreme heat or cold) *If your old paint still has a nice consistency, it’s probably ok to use.

Not sure what to do with old paint cans cluttering up your basement or garage? Follow this action plan to either condense or dispose of your surplus—and win back some valuable floor and shelf Author: Joe Provey. Latex paint and stain recycling. Unwanted latex paint and water-based stains and clear finishes can now be recycled at any Take it Back Network paint recycling location.. A recycling fee will be charged for this service. The paint will be sorted, screened and filtered to ensure that it meets strict quality standards.

The main consideration when mixing HEC with latex paint is that adding the powder to the paint too quickly results in lumps. You can avoid this by premixing the HEC with water to create a gel and adding the gel to the paint. This method produces a stock solution of . Thanks to its easy clean-up and short drying time, latex paint has a leg up over oil-based paint for easy weekend projects.But the water-based product also has a downside: It tends to thicken when Author: Bob Vila.