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When, at age 16, I finally lost my virginity, my only regret was that it hadn't happened sooner. Now, 17 years later, I still remember that night fondly. But my experience losing my virginity wasn Author: Gabrielle Moss. Losing virginity is an important rite of passage for every male or female. What age do most people think about losing virginity? Age 16 tends to be a quite common age for someone to go all the way with a significant other. However, there are many lessons to be learned from losing virginity at age 16.

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Jan 12, 2012 · Honestly, I don't like asking questions on here or any asking question sites. But, I do like to look up past questions and relate to them. In this case, I'm just asking why people get so flustered that most girls and guys lose their virginity at 16, this is more with girls though. If the 16 year old decides to lose their virginity, then I think that's their decision.Status: Open.