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Welcome to LustyBooks: your FREE source for the hottest erotic novels on the web. LustyBooks features large collection of premium sex stories and vintage ebooks from a variety of authors. If you enjoy classic adult novels, then LustyBooks is perfect for you. This archive documents the 4300 books published under various company names and imprints from 1959 to 1975. As a group they are informally known as the vintage Greenleaf Classics books. An essential pleasure of vintage paperback collecting is that moment of discovery, looking at a book and seeing something new.

Vintage Adult Books: Metairie, LA, U.S.A. We sell only explicit erotic books, primarily from the Golden Age of Erotica (1968-198x) but including other more recently published books sometimes, especially if the book is now out of print. Greenleaf Classics Books - Gallery of Imprints; Greenleaf Classics Books - Gallery of Imprints. Books in this Greenleaf Classics archive are grouped and organized by Imprint, to match how they were published. Browse down this list of imprints to learn more about them and see examples of books in each one. Adult Books (1967 to 1973): 280.

In the case of the first category (sort of the "R-rated" sleaze books) the largest publishers were Beacon and Midwood. Beacon was the first regular paperback-sized book published by the Universal Publishing Company, which also issued such labels as Uni Books, Intimate, Royal Giant, Stallion and Fiesta. Dec 09, 2016 · 1960s 1970s Books Sex 1960s 1970s adult entertainment book covers Liverpool Library Press paperback publications publishers Sex Vintage Erotica. The Sick, Sick World of Liverpool Library Press. At first glance, they look like wholesome little children’s books from a bygone era. but a second look reveals they are actually adult erotica of.

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