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32 Million U.S. Adults are "Functionally Illiterate" What Does That Even Mean? It’s based on the National Assessment of Adult Literacy —conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics in 2003—in which a demographically representative population of 19,000 adults were interviewed. According to the findings of the survey. In the United States, according to Business magazine, an estimated 15 million functionally illiterate adults held jobs at the beginning of the 21st century. The American Council of Life Insurers reported that 75% of the Fortune 500 companies provide some level of remedial training for their workers.

Jul 22, 2017 · U.S. Illiteracy Statistics Data Percent of U.S. adults who can’t read (below a basic level) 14 % Number of U.S. adults who can’t read 32,000,000 Percent of prison inmates who. This includes a direct challenge to address the fact that 20% of the UK adult population is functionally illiterate. The number of UK adults who are functionally illiterate is estimated at 6 to 8 million." However this is only half accurate.

Dec 07, 2012 · According to its report, Reading at Risk, the number of 17-year-olds who never read for pleasure increased from 9 percent in 1984 to 19 percent in 2004. Almost half of Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 never read books for pleasure. Endowment chairman, Dana Gioia, commented: “This is a massive social problem.