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Tail docking is, essentially, amputation or partial amputation of a dog's tail. Along with ear docking, it is usually performed on very young puppies (typically Dobermans, German shorthaired pointers, and schnauzers of certain breeds).While there are historical reasons for this procedure, dockings today are almost always undertaken for cosmetic reasons often related to showing purebreds. Dogs communicate with each other by using their tails. Tail docking has a profound effect on a dog’s ability to communicate his intentions to other dogs. As you might imagine, this can cause stress and behavioral changes in a dog whose social cues are consequently consistently misunderstood.

Elective surgery for dogs: It may sound odd, but it’s exactly what some purebreds undergo shortly after birth. Two surgical procedures -- ear cropping and tail docking -- have long been routine in certain breeds like Dobermans, German shorthaired pointers, and schnauzers.Author: Camille Pagan. 68 rows · Robert Wansborough argued in a 1996 paper that docking tails (very short) puts dogs at a .

Q: Why did we start docking dogs' tails? A: Tail docking of dogs is believed to have arisen for three reasons at different points in history. In ancient times Romans believed that amputation of the tail tip and/or parts of the dog’s tongue could prevent a dog from contracting rabies. 1.2 Because the tail was believed to help a dog in the chase, dogs were historically docked if they were. The photos below portrays dogs with docked tails: Dog Tail Docking Cost. If you still feel that you want to go ahead and dock your new canine friend, this question may then follow in your mind: how much does dog tail docking cost? The price for tail docking varies widely depending on the method used, location and other factors.

May 06, 2009 · Docking an adult dog's tail? (boxers, vet, surgery, rescued) User Name: Remember Me: Password I've read an article stating that boxers are one of the only breeds that really NEED a tail docking because of just what you're talking about: their weak tails break and bleed very easily. Now, I'm not entirely sure about the bias of the article.